Expand Your Reach and Grow Your Revenues

If you are in the information products business,

then you will understand the importance of social marketing in today’s hi-tech world. Eighty-three percent of online respondents in 60 countries say they trust the recommendations of friends and family, according to the Nielsen Global Trust.

More than ever before, those recommendations come from social media contacts.

Shares, comments and reviews on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have a huge impact on buying behavior. So to succeed as an information products vendor in today’s world, you need a powerful social networking strategy.

That’s where SocialSaleRep.com comes in.

We have built a platform that connects digital product vendors with a motivated team of Social Sales Representatives. When you join our platform, you get the benefits of this amazing team, PLUS our innovative Viral Multiplier Technology.

When you combine the two, you get amazing results.

Word about your product can spread worldwide both rapidly and efficiently. For you, that means greatly increased sales - plus a fantastic platform for launching new products.

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